The Introduction PREMIUM offer allows you to start with a SOLO session.

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The characteristic curves of the BARREL supports your spine.
These classes are perfect for sensitive backs and aim to improve your posture.
Benefit: strengthens the abdominal muscles without straining the neck.


Designed as a mini-Reformer by Joseph Pilates, the WUNDA CHAIR is so much more!
Chair classes cover the repertoire of the Mat, High Chair and Wunda Chair.
Get ready to challenge gravity!


With its characteristic springs, wheels, straps and carriage, the REFORMER is the most popular Pilates apparatus.
You will discover the original classic Reformer series created by Joseph Pilates, himself!


The TOWER is also known as the Wall Unit.
Designed as a circuit, these classes are a clever blend of Cadillac and Mat exercises.
The Tower's powerful springs develop strength and flexibility.


It all starts here 🌱

This is where you'll learn how the equipment works and the principles of the Pilates method. The instructors take the time to correct and adapt the course.

You'll develop the strength and flexibility you'll need for the rest of your life. Get ready to discover muscles you never knew existed!
A strong foundations is essential for long-term results.


The show must go on 🌿
To reach this level, you have outgrown Foundations, the equipment no longer holds any secrets for you. Footbar and Push Thru are part of your vocabulary, and you're familiar with exercises such as Footwork and Elephant.
At the Intermediate level, the teacher introduces new exercises: the pace quickens and so does the intensity. Don't hesitate to ask the team for advice on joining this level.


The deep end 🌊
Transitions speed up, and so do the acrobatics!
At this level, you're independent and know the adjustments you may need to make. By now, you're familiar with the names of the exercises, the secrets of the Teaser and the magic of Long Stretch. So you're ready for new adventures.
Some exercises can be practised in pairs for added challenge. 🔥


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Pilates teacher, sports coach or athlete? These classes are just for you.

Don't hesitate to write to us for more information and to register.



A private session in which the Pilates teacher designs a tailor-made workout.

Getting in shape, athletic conditioning, pre/post-natal, rehabilitation or other specific objectives?
A SOLO session is the ideal solution!


With friends, colleagues or family, the DUO session is a motivational boost. Ideal for sharing the experience of personalized coaching!
*** We recommend clients to be at the same level ***


Away from the studio?
Online classes are THE solution!
Live, the teacher accompanies you no matter how far away you are.
Ideal for maintaining a regular routine.


Classes taught by Real Pilates ® students in training at the studio.
Discover Reformer, Tower and Mat while supporting future certified teachers.

Classes open to all!

Special price
for students and job-seekers only.



instead of 38€


Real Pilates Teacher Training ® is a complete Comprehensive Classical Pilates training program.
The teacher training program covers all equipment: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chairs, Barrels and accessories. Training takes place over 30 weeks and covers a minimum of 600 hours..