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About Marine

Marine discovered Pilates as an athletic training method for dancers and first trained in contemporary Pilates. She then moved to Montreal and Dakar, where she shared her passion for Pilates around the world. To deepen her knowledge she trained in classical Pilates at the prestigious Real Pilates school with Alycea Ungaro in New York.

Marine teaches precise, powerful Pilates, respecting the anatomical principles and origins of the Pilates method. Each session is a blend of fun and challenge, suitable for all levels.

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About Avél

Avél Juliette was born and raised in Hollywood. Her love for movement and the arts was nurtured at a young age. So at 6 years old, Avél started taking ballet lessons at the local dance academy and spent countless hours in that studio : acting, singing and dancing. Self expression through movement has always been a driving force in her life. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Science from Florida State University, moved to New York City to studio acting.

Avél found her way back to movement in the form of Classical Pilates. Indeed in 2016, after suffering a herniated disc in her neck from a car accident, she trained diligently and got accepted into Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. After 7 months and 600 hours completed, she started 2017 with a new mind, body and career path. Pilates changed her life. A student first, Avél continues to develop her practice with workshops and weekly sessions with her peers and mentors.

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Charlotte C.

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About Charlotte C.

Charlotte C. is a former professional dancer and a state-certified Jazz instructor. She discovered the Pilates method at the end of her stage career. She followed "THE ORIGINAL PILATES®" training at the Danse Pilates Paris studio, under the guidance of Mikael Pulcini. This rigorous, classical training enables her to be demanding, gentle and sparkling at the same time, while respecting each individual's physiognomy.

She is passionate about movement, understanding the body, exchanging and sharing. Transmitting her love for Pilates in a pedagogical way is the ideal path to pursue her passion.
Charlotte is attentive, meticulous, and loves to get students to explore and be surprised by their bodies' incredible capacities. Feeling, understanding, well-being and self-transcendence are the axes of progress that she leads with kindness and precision.

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Charlotte S.

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About Charlotte S.

Charlotte S. discovered dance at the age of five and went on to study classical and contemporary dance at the CNSMD in Lyon. Passionate about movement analysis, she is also a notator: qualified to transcribe ballet scores.
In the course of her career, she has danced with the Ballet Prejlocaj and regularly collaborated with major luxury brands on international creations.

Pilates has accompanied her throughout her career as a dancer, so she decided to add another string to her bow. She completed her classical Pilates training in Paris and now teaches Pilates on a daily basis.
Charlotte happily transmits her passion for movement through the Pilates method. Objective: muscle strengthening and joint freedom.

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About Joanna

Joanna has been working in the audiovisual industry for over 25 years, and her position as studio manager has enabled her to acquire great listening and interpersonal skills.
After giving birth in 2007, she discovered Pilates, which she has been practicing assiduously ever since.
Since then, her passion for the practice has led her to pass on what has enabled her to find balance in both her professional and personal life.

In 2019, she decided to take a classical Pilates course at Centre 5 in order to teach this method herself.

Today, her goal is to be able to pass on this method with passion, benevolence and good humor, because "physical fitness is the prerequisite for happiness" (J.Pilates).

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About Ophélie

Ophélie worked for several years in product development, and during the course of her career, realized that it was the transmission of knowledge and teaching that fulfilled her every day.

Curious by nature, she explores ways of encouraging the body to feel better. She discovered the Pilates method 10 years ago while studying in Montreal, and became passionate about it. Blown away by its benefits and in tune with its principles, she naturally chose to make it her profession.

Ophélie completed the full classical Pilates training program at Centre 5 in Paris. Her aim is to lead her students to progress, by focusing on their well-being and adapting to their specific needs and requirements.

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